Mikrotik – WiFi roaming with multiple routers/APs

I love Mikrotik network devices – I have two of them at home. One which covers 1st floor with WiFi signal and second which covers ground floor and my garden. I have different SSIDs on them, because when I had identical SSIDs it was not working very well.

My friend told me last month about Mikrotik quite new function called CAPsMAN which is doing automatic configuration of APs on all your Mikrotik devices and offers also roaming functionality. Recommended minimal firmware is 6.28 and you need to install Mikrotik package wireless-cm2.

I got it working, but I am still struggling with lower performance (50%) of WiFi when roaming is enabled. Once I solve this problem I will publish also howto for configuration.

Outlook – how to plan a meeting without getting responses

Do you want to plan a meeting where you want to invite a lot of people and you don’t need to get thousands of their responses (for example invitation for  conference)?

You can do it during planning the meeting in Outlook – select Response options – uncheck Request responses.





Your attendees will be able to accept/decline the meeting (without possibility to choose if they want or not to send you a response), but it will affect just their own calendar, no response will be sent to you.