Printing even without toner?

All of us know it… You want to print one page flight ticket in the evening before flight, but your printer tells you, that you don’t have blue toner, so your black&white ticket cannot be printed. 🙂

For HP printers I have found very useful feature, that you can enable “cartridge out override” feature which will cause that you are able to print even when toner is out.

Not all printers support it, but here you can find a list of printers where you can see if it is supported or not for your printer – click here (first half of page contains printers which does not support it, second one is more interesting).

If it is supported for your printer, you need to have installed HP Toolbox (if you used your CD shipped with the printer, you have it). Then go to Device Settings – System Setup – Cartridge out override and set it to ON.