Windows 10 Start menu not working

I had a problem with Start menu on Windows 10 not displaying. I have tried tens of procedures available on the Internet which include Powershell Appx re-registration, new user creation, booting system in safe mode, but nothing helped me.

I realized that issue was in missing permissions to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive. So here is the procedure how I fixed it:

  1. open regedit
  2. find HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive, right-click and select Permissions
  3. add (if not added already) – CREATOR OWNER & ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES groups
  4. for CREATOR OWNER – set Full control permission, for ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES – set Read permission
  5. I am not now sure if I had to reboot or not, but if it will not start working immediately, just reboot
  6. If this procedure helped you, leave a comment so I will know that it is working for somebody else than me 🙂